Hospice Dash 5K Run/Walk

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Hospice Dash 5K Run/Walk

The Mighty Niagara Discount Card Fundraising Program

As part of the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon, we teamed up with local businesses to develop The Mighty Niagara Discount Card. The card offers discounts at businesses throughout the Lower Niagara Region. Each runner receives the Mighty Niagara Discount Card as part of their Runner’s Rewards.

In addition to giving the card to our runners, it is also available for anyone to purchase while providing a terrific fundraising opportunity for local organizations.

Our program is an easy way to raise money for your team or organization while helping Niagara Hospice at the same time. It is very easy & you can get started right away.

Step 1-

Contact us at Niagara Hospice @ 280-0780 or [email protected] for your discount cards & flyers.

Step 2-

Have your team or organization sell the cards for $15 each.

Step 3-

Keep $10 from each card sold and put $5 from each sale aside for Niagara Hospice.

Step 4-

Return any unsold cards to Niagara Hospice along with $5 from each sale.

View current Mighty Niagara Discount Card deals!